Flowgen WA are proud agents for the following premium product's and solutions.
  • Distributor's of ValvCheq
  • Stainless Steel Backflow valves rated to 90°C & PN16
  • Backflow Testkit Calibration
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  • Pump Setup and Commissioning
  • Hot Water Commissioning
  • Monitoring and Data Logging
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  • Remote Monitoring
  • Plumbing Management Systems
  • Live Data Visualisation
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What we do?

About Us

Flowgen are the Western Australian exclusive distributors for Emmerson ValvCheq Backflow Products. We can offer services for anything backflow, as well as a full range of other specialised plumbing equipement.

Our range of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Ultrasonic Flow metering.
  • Remote monitoring systems.
  • Plumbing management systems.
  • Pressure Data logging.
  • Commissioning services.
  • Hydrant flow testing.

Specialty Services

Flowgen have developed a plumbing management system that can help provide asset protection for large commercial and industrial plumbing systems.

It's taken over 5 years of development to understand the specific complications that the plumbing industry encounters.

specialized plumbing management system can provide.

  • Constant monitoring of a large system
  • Remote access to the data.
  • high quality data visulisations
  • Complex data analysis with targeted algorithms running to predict and alert faults and issues.
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Other Services

Safety Showers


Flow Metering


Pump Setup & Tuning


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